Testimonials for Tricia Hobbs

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"Tricia has been my massage therapist for over two years. I am a triathlete and the training takes its toll on my body and my previous injuries. Tricia has a passion for her profession and is an athlete herself. This is what makes Tricia stand out above others. She listens to me and my body’s needs and is able to apply the appropriate pressure to resolve the issue. I have so much confidence in her massages that I have implemented them into my pre and post race day performances. I highly recommend Tricia!"
"Tricia is an excellent massage therapist. She is so completely in tune to my body's needs and any areas that need extra attention that each session is different. Her knowledge and expertise of the various modalities of massage enhance each session. I would highly recommend her to anyone."
"Massage therapy has been healing and restorative. After a shoulder injury, I started massage therapy and it in conjunction with acupuncture have been key elements in my recovery. Massage therapy is a wonderful way of dealing with internal stress and helps to alleviate symptoms caused by stress. I highly recommend massage therapy as another form of preventative medicine along with acupuncture, exercise and a healthy diet."
"I have been going to Tricia for treatment for years now and couldn’t function without it! I have numerous muscle problems and was pregnant with my first child so no pain meds were permitted. She ‘’got me through” the pregnancy with minimal discomfort! Before the baby, I went to see her on a weekly basis to maintain the movement of my shoulder and reduce adhesions internally- in fact my doctors will ask if I’m still getting massage treatments – they recommend them! It has helped me to be able to function normally with nothing but Advil for pain as well; what a gift. I can carry my baby around without fear as I know if I have a problem, Tricia will be able to help me work it out My time each week with Tricia is both physically AND mentally a great break and I always leave more relaxed and ready to take on the world!"
"After a bike accident and hip surgery, Tricia has been instrumental in helping me improve my range of motion and ultimately be able to go back to running . Tricia's is very attentive and ask each visit if there are any problem areas, change in exercise routine, etc. so she can provide the best massage for you. She has the gift of being able to work on tight areas and provide a relaxing massage as well. I have highly recommended Tricia to my friends."
"Life is hard on the body! Between work stress, running, and other sports, I have a continual need for massage therapy. Tricia has been instrumental in keeping me going through race training, stress related issues and is a critical component of my general health and wellness plan. She's professional, excellent at her work, and just a really caring and fun person. I'm not sure what I would do without her now!"
"Seeing Tricia is always the highlight of my week. The relaxing environment and courteous staff provide an unwinding experience from walking in the door to walking out. I always feel renewed after a visit!"
"My massage experience was undoubtedly the best I've ever had! After the massage, not only did I feel relaxed, but my lower back and neck pain had completely disappeared. I highly recommend Tricia's massages to everyone I know. It's the perfect gift for loved ones, including yourself!"
"I've absolutely loved working with Tricia over the years and can't recommend her highly enough! My job involves a lot of sitting and typing and she's able to immediately pinpoint problem areas and target them with great results. I've found her massages both therapeutic and relaxing and I know that every time I visit Tricia I'll have a very focused and personalized experience. She's fantastic!"
"What stands out about Tricia is the care she takes in her craft. She has an amazing ability to listen and tune into issues in my body. Her expertise is reassuring, nurturing and very effective."
"As a professional somatic body-worker and energetic healer myself for over 30 years, I am extremely discriminating when it comes to choosing a massage therapist. Tricia Hobbs is a very professional, knowledgeable, intuitive and exceptionally skilled massage therapist. In the 3 years that she has been my massage therapist, she has helped to relieve my chronic pain and speed my healing from injuries and illnesses. Her positive, compassionate and accepting attitude has supported me to create harmony in physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of my life. I can always trust Tricia to consistently tailor each session to my specific needs, including making modifications moment to moment. I deeply appreciate her unquestionable integrity, superior massage therapy skills, and her joy. I have and will continue to recommend her to family, colleagues and friends."
"I always leave my massage appointment feeling better than when I came in. Tricia knows her stuff. I've gone to other massage therapists but continue to return to her for a reason. Tricia knows what she's doing, offers great suggestions for care between massages and will make a difference if you give her a chance!"
"I began receiving massage therapy from Tricia at the outset of her practice. It has been a journey in the study of my particular biomechanics. I had issues resulting from previous injuries, as well as daily stress. From the beginning, Tricia has been able to identify issues of which I was previously unaware. It is always an engaging and interactive experience. I consider massage therapy with Tricia to be part of my comprehensive health management program. I cannot recommend her highly enough."
"After my surgery Tricia was able to give relief where constant pain was a problem. Her extensive knowledge of musculature is impressive."
"Tricia's warm and caring personality is the icing on the cake of her expertise of the workings of the human body. Recently, she helped me discover and correct a problem which was causing me pain in my left hip and thigh. Knowing I have an appointment scheduled with Tricia makes my day!"
"Tricia's fertility massages have been a wonderful support for me in terms of dealing with both the physiological & emotional aspects of fertility. Her professionalism and compassion truly stand out, and as a former massage therapist whose given and received hundreds of massages, hers are truly some of the best I've ever received. Tricia is the perfect combination of hands and heart...and her massages reflect that!"
"I came to Charlotte Acupuncture and Wellness Center as a last resort for the treatment of piriformis syndrome. After several years of pain, Tricia Hobbs was able to provide me with relief. She takes the time to listen to your recovery ups and downs at each session adjusting the treatment as necessary. This is not a quick "feel good" massage. This is a trained professional that addresses your problem with a deliberate plan of action for relief of your pain."
"I always look forward to ending my week with Tricia and the trifecta of rejuvenation. My 90 minute massage is the perfect avenue to a rested mind, relaxed body and renewed spirit. It is a practice for my overall well-being that I will not forgo, making sure I see Tricia several times each month."
"Tricia is the most intuitive massage therapist I have ever visited. She has an incredible ability to follow the energy and needs of my body which means I can completely relax and trust her. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"
"I have been having regular massage for about 10 years. I started when I was feeling a lump in my neck and it was determined that it was a tight spot in a tendon. I have found that massage has become a part of my regular health maintenance. If I am having regular massage I can stay on top of any sore areas and therefore I can stay more active. It has also helped me feel better through the ups and downs of menopause. My plan is to continue regular massage so that I can feel younger and be more active."
"Tricia rocks. Whenever I find myself rundown from the rigors of the daily grind, I get to spend 90 minutes with Tricia. I walk into her office with the weight of the world on my shoulders – and she can tell (my mood and my body look it). She works out the toughest of knots with focus and determination – the stress feels like it’s melting away. I leave feeling like a new woman, ready to tackle what’s next in a centered manner."
*Please note that there are no guarantee of results and individual results may vary

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